About Us

Photo of men doing natural building work

Working with Fermata

Every year we offer students great natural building jobs, allowing you the chance to work with earth, stone, sand, straw and timber.

We are looking for hard-working, creative individuals with the right attitude, aptitude and personality to join our team and help us revive the ancient art of building with naturally-occurring materials such as earth, stone and timber. So if you’re looking for really cool natural building jobs, you’ve come to the right place! Although some experience either sculpting or working in conventional masonry trades is an asset, the most important thing for you to bring to our team is your positive energy, compatibility and ability to work hard and learn quickly.

We receive many job inquiries from people seeking employment. Unless you have a great deal of previous experience working as a cobber, natural plasterer, etc., we will likely suggest that you first try your hand with us as a volunteer. One or two days of volunteer work will help us get to know you and see your skills – and perhaps more importantly, will also help you to determine whether our company and type of work is right for you.

Please contact us to arrange a volunteer work day with our crew.