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Partner Companies

Meet the Evolve Builders group of Earth-friendly companies. Although we each specialize in our unique areas of expertise, at the end of the day we are all “Evolve Builders”.

Evolve builders group logo Evolve Builders Group is our “parent” company (even though we were here first)! Evolve delivers full-service general contracting and green construction services for turn-key additions, renovations and new-builds, while also supplying hard-to-source green building materials;
Harvest Homes is our sister company and the original seed from which the rest of the Evolve Builders Group of companies has grown and evolved. Despite their glorious history, they are now simply Evolve’s (ever-busy) straw-bale wall system division!
Fermata – Works of Earth That’s us! As our name suggests, we specialize in long-lasting, sustainable natural construction – built with an artistic touch, and in harmony with nature. We specialize in building with raw, unprocessed materials such as earth, stone, sand, straw and timber – often in unique and artistic combinations!
Torus Ecosystems, the third division of Evolve Builders Group, delivers biological-based building solutions, including living roofs, urine diversion, composting toilets, blackwater waste systems, and rainwater harvesting.