Covid-19 Update Office Working Remotely

Evolve Business Continues from Home

Hello all,

The COVID sands keeps shifting as quickly as we can prepare new plans to keep our clients and our team safe and projects progressing. We have just learned that we are to take substantive new controls.

As of midnight tomorrow, all retail and service businesses in Ontario – we fully expect this to include construction – are to cease their operations if they cannot be conducted from home.

Given this drastic new measure, our field staff will tomorrow be putting away tools and exposed materials, then locking existing doors/access on all sites where this is applicable.

Our office will continue to function from our team’s respective homes as we have already been doing. Our office voicemail will be checked regularly. Please accept our apologies if our response time to phone or email is be delayed while we tend to childcare or other family needs but know that we remain actively engaged!

We intend to continue to complete planning for activities on current projects as well as ready ourselves – less a known start date – for all planned new projects. We additionally intend to take advantage of the available time to provide further building science and other technical skill online training to some of our already enviably knowledgeable team.

Even with this vastly changed scenario and even should this shutdown be required for many weeks or months, Evolve will still emerge ready again at the other end. We will get everyone back to their bad puns, poor singing, and great work as soon as we are safely permitted.

Stay safe. See you on the other side.

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