Canadian Contractor mag picks our brain for green building trends talk

Canadian Contractor magazine’s publisher, Robert Koci, picked the brain of Fermata’s own Ben Polley’s to offer insights on trends in green building that could be shared during Robert’s seminar presentation at Construct Canada today.

In a prior and wide ranging interview, Robert probed Ben’s thoughts about what is really comprised in the notion of green building, how can success in green building be measured (or equally importantly, how might it be feigned) and what did the future hold for renovators and builders in Ontario and Canada.

Topics covered included green certifications such as LEED, Passive House and Living Building Challenge, discussions of natural building as a subset of green building methods and manners and how energy efficiency is riding to the fore as a primary focus (potentially at the expense of other environmental or human health concerns) of many in the green building world.

We expect to hear more about Robert’s presentation in the weekly Canadian Contractor e-newsletter. For a description of the seminar to which we were asked to contribute, please see: