Natural Plastering

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Resurrecting Old-World Natural Plastering Materials and Techniques

Natural plasters have been protecting walls since prehistoric times, predating even Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Resurrecting these ancient natural plastering techniques, our skillful artisans can adorn and protect your walls with hand-applied finishes of clay, clay-lime, lime, gypsum and many other natural plasters.

Natural Plaster Base Coats

Our recommended base coat of plaster will depend on your wall system – whether you want us to plaster over straw-bale, light-straw, earth-block, rammed earth, or cob – or even if you’d like us to plaster over a conventionally-built wall system such as concrete, cinder-block or even western / stick-framed home. Cost constraints and environmental factors will also affect your choice of natural base-coats. We are experienced at applying combinations of clay-straw, clay-sand, lime, or cement-lime base coats, but are always happy to experiment with other natural plastering materials!

Natural Plaster Finishes

We are always expanding our portfolio of plaster finishes. Today, we are happy to offer a wide range of natural plastering finish-coats, in a wide range of textures and styles. We offer our own unique alises, lime-washes, clay finishes, and natural (non-off gassing) mineral-based silicate paints. For a unique touch over natural plaster base coats or even conventional drywall, ask about our clay veneers.


We are excited to announce that we are now experimenting with an ancient, traditional – and highly water-resistant – lime-based plaster known as Tadelakt. Originally developed in Morocco, the secret recipe has been decoded and a local version has been developed right here in Ontario! The exciting thing about Tadelakt is that it is the only plaster we know of that is so waterproof it can even be used to surface entire showers, sinks and baths!

Stay tuned for more!